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Policy & Terms. From start to finish.

Policy & Terms





We will review the design questionnaire in detail and schedule a brief kick off call to go over any questions you might have before production begins. 



After the kick off call, we will begin the creative process and provide you with a completed drafts within 7-10 days (barring unforeseen delays beyond our control - ie, official holidays, power outages, etc. unless other arrangements have been made).  If RUSH production is initially requested, the delivery time will reflect that. 


All photography used in the design is royalty free without fear of copyright infringement.  Additional stock photography can be purchased.



Design revisions are expected.  We make every effort to incorporate your consolidated ideas and changes when revising the design drafts. The number of revisions is limited to your chosen design project.  Any and all changes, revisions or updates must be submitted collectively and in writing, A telephonic revision session may replace one of the written rounds of revisions. 

Any otherwise minor or significant changes to design or any change in design direction will result in additional fees, delays or amending the original quote. There will be extra charges without regard to size of the changes.

Once approval is granted, the revision process is considered complete and additional revisions must be purchased per hour or at an agreed upon rate. If additional revisions are requested, we offer additional revision packages and pricing.

A client also has the option to forego the 2 or 3 revision step process and design in real-time collaboration over the phone for an hour (1 hour minimum) in lieu of additional project revisions. After the phone collaboration, a final draft will be provided and additional revisions thereafter will be charged.

Some projects are created and sold as designated "packages." This means that any change or separating out any items or breaking of the package nullifies the package price and the price goes back to a la carte pricing.

There are no refunds on design projects or printing. 

Any and all emoBRAND purchases denote a binding agreement to any and all the terms on this page, and the provisions on this page shall act as a legal and binding contract.

The Contract



Telephonic communication is required between the parties for us to afford you guaranteed satisfaction.  If the client is unwilling to cooperate in the necessary telephonic communication, the designer will consider the contract null and void with no refund and no portion of the payment will be refunded.  If, for any reason, there arises hostility or unprofessional verbal or email communications, the agreement shall be terminated and deemed null and void with no refund, either full or partial. Any and all of the designer's obligations of delivery shall be voided.


If client ceases to cooperate for any reason or is  not willing to pay required additional revision prices and/or fails to provide designer with communication necessary to deliver a final product, the contract is hereby terminated and client forgoes any costs associated with contract. No refunds under any circumstances.



If after repeated attempts, client fails to communicate or deliver requested materials within (12) weeks, emoBRAND reserves the right to void this agreement and any money received will be non-refundable. Client and designer must create a new Agreement. If after repeated attempts to continue the project, client fails to participate in accordance with the project timeline, or becomes otherwise unresponsive to designer's requests for a period of (2) weeks, all work will be stopped immediately. In order to continue the project, client must submit all requested information and communicate with designer through telephonic communication. If client continues to show lack of response, this agreement will be terminated without further notice. Client will forfeit all rights to the work completed and any money received by designer will be non-refundable.

If work is put on hold or limbo for in excess of (12) weeks, without any agreed to or written request for an extension of the contract, the contract is deemed null and void. emoBRAND is no longer responsible to provide any finished design. All partial designs submission is at the discretion of the designer.  Client abandons right to further work in the absence of a new contract. No refunds.



No refunds or portions thereof will be made once payment is remitted, this includes printing.


emoBRAND retains copyright to all design work.  As per policy, fonts, images and native artwork are not provided. Copyright, fonts and native files may be transferred for an agreed upon fee.  We reserve the right to include all graphic design on the emoBRAND portfolio and social channels.



There is a minimum $150. fee to redeliver lost or misplaced files - prices vary according to how many files need to be retrieved.

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