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Maybe you’ve tried to save money with Guru or Fiverr only to be disappointed. Or, maybe you’ve tried big, bloated design firms or advertising agencies that charge an arm and a leg for a mediocre product.  Either way, you’re disappointed.


Welcome to emoBRAND, the anti-agency: a two-person, full-service creative partnership designed to launch investment-brands without the trauma associated with blood-sucking ad agencies and design firms. Ditch the agonizing ad agency culture and hire us to brand your companies in less time and at half the cost. Two talented unicorns with 57 years of experience in all phases of advertising, marketing and next-level design. Two people doing the work of ten. Overexceeding expectations, lightning-fast turnarounds, amazing work ethic combined with exquisite talent, unique design and unbelievable value. Relationships you can trust.


All the branding, none of the bullshit!

We Cater to Investors

Faster, Cheaper, Better

emoBRAND caters to Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and Companies who want brilliant branding + design + strategy and need a team on speed dial. Our exclusive and select group of clients know they are our top priority. You call ‐ we answer. No games!

We breathe life into each of your investments for a stratospheric launch. Like Alchemists, we turn lead into gold. And fast. Brand Concept, Company Naming, Tagline Creation, Corporate Identity Systems, Style Guides, Copywriting, Positioning, Web Design, Print Media, Social Media, Advertising, Marketing, Product Packaging, Brand Coaching, Consultation & Target Market Research are just a few of the myriad services we provide. Without the headaches associated with gargantuan agencies.


In a world where branding determines the success or failure of your investment, choose emoBRAND.

Upscale Logo Designer

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Serial branding packages for Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors


Affordable full-service alternatives to in-house design


Comprehensive brand launch and refresh for any size startup

Marketing and Advertising Logo Brand Designer

"A Robust Branding is the Single Most Important Investment
an Entrepreneur can make."


Working with emoBRAND is the single best decision we have made for our business in the past several years. It's difficult to brand your own company properly, but our designer and brand consultant, Alison, worked with us, bringing a dedication and passion, in order to convey EXACTLY what our brand was always meant to be. Both in print and in digital format, emoBRAND has taken our brand to a completely new level that we truly believe NO ONE else could have done.

Follow the Money, Jennifer and Jerry Robinson

Venture Capitalist Branding Solution
Let's Brand

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